About us


The Rural Justice Collaborative (RJC) is guided by and an advisory council  of rural practitioners representing the judiciary, public safety, behavioral health, public health, child welfare, victim services and other stakeholder-focused justice systems. The advisory council guides the initiative and has focused initial efforts on: advancing innovation, promoting collaboration, and raising awareness of rural justice system needs.


Raise Awareness
RJC will advance the exchange of ideas and information between rural justice practitioners and increase the understanding of the unique needs of rural justice systems.

Promote Collaboration
RJC supports cross-sector collaboration and understanding among and between rural justice practitioners and primary stakeholders and partners, including public health and behavioral health. RJC is building a robust network or diverse, knowledgeable, skilled, and connected leaders.  In addition, RJC is intentional in seeking partnerships with organizations who share similar purposes focused on rural systems.

Advance Innovations
RJC advances innovation, solutions, and progress in rural justice systems by identifying and elevating Innovation Sites through peer-to-peer exchanges, lunch and learn opportunities, webinars, podcasts, and national conferences.

The work under the RJC is supported by a cross-sector advisory council composed of rural judges along with additional stakeholders in the justice, child welfare, and behavioral health systems. The advisory council will guide the multi-year initiative and identify innovative programs and practices.

The Rural Justice Collaborative was developed under grant number SJI-21-P-031 from the State Justice Institute. The points of view expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the State Justice Institute.